All Esports Events affected by Corona Virus

 All Esports Events affected by Corona Virus

The Corona Virus epidemic has come up as a serious issue for mass events. Including Esports, Trade Stock, Tourism and the whole globe in general, the epidemic threat has concerned numerous organizations and governments of various countries to take action against it. Many events faced cancellation and postponing.

Here is a list of numerous Esports events that have been affected by the Corona strand:

GDC 2020:

Corona Virus Effect

The Game Developers Conference, hosts of the annual Game Developers Choice Awards have faced postponing to summer due to various organizations withdrawing from the event due to healthcare reasons.

Of the various organizations, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Epic are just a few names who have had the epidemic constrain them in one way or the other.

IEM Katowice 2020:

Closed Doors to IEM Katowice

This event saw Natus Vincere coming up as winners of CS: GO by beating G2 Esports after nine long years. The Arena had closed doors to the mass viewers due to health threats.



League Of Legends Korea saw indefinite cancellation due to Corona Virus-induced concerns as well. Riot Games has suspended the event, with no current news of when the cancellation will subside.

Overwatch League Games:

Overwatch League games faced cancellation due to health concerns in South Korea as well.

DOTA 2 Kyiv Minor:

China qualifiers delayed

The Minor’s qualifiers faced a delay due to the Corona Virus concerns in China. The qualifying team ‘Team Aster’ is still participating in the Minor.

Numerous other events such as the PubG Berlin Event faced postponing.
SNK canceled its SNK World Championship.
WESG’s Asia-Pacific finals faced delay.
Capcom canceled its Capcom Pro Tour, consisting of three individual events in total.
Games First London 2020 faced cancellation.
Facebook also canceled its Developer Conference on basis of health concerns.

These are just some of the Esports events that have been affected by the Corona Strand. There are concerns about future events as well, for example, E3 set for June could see itself affected by this as well. The global epidemic caused various cases in various countries and the threat of larger-scale contamination is a real threat.

For more information on the epidemic, visit WHO.