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Abra is your Community Day Pokemon for March

Niantic has released information of this month’s community day, the chosen Pokemon being generation 1’s Psychic-type Abra.


Pokemon Go players can look up to March 15th as the date for this month’s community day. The community day ables players to catch a specific Pokemon in ample amounts and also gives them the option to have it learn a previously unobtainable move.
The timings are set to 11:00 am – 02:00 pm for the northern hemisphere,
while the southern hemisphere will have it from 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm.
Bonuses this time around are 3x Catch Exp and 3 Hour Lures.

The Community Day Factor:

The Community day has always been the surmounter of the social gaming app by Niantic. It gives a timeframe to players that can come out and socialize in groups; the peculiarity that the app has given to players since its inception. It has practically been observed that these community days have been successful in gathering player-bases each month.

Including inactive players, the monthly event gives plenty of reasons for leaving players to come back and play Pokemon GO.

The normal followup from the players works in the manner that the mass picks a specific place where everyone comes together for the single purpose of enjoying the mobile app. The mobile app awards socialization by allowing bonuses, u[p to the extent that it’s functions of Raids hinges on team play.

Therefore it surmounts to plenty of meetups and showcases the quality of the app. It has always been the case of enjoyment that originates from this basic state of the game.
The Pokemon Company and Niantic have given players plenty more to enjoy this month with many more bonuses that we have written about in our other two articles, one showcasing the latest update of Shadow Pokemon, and the other about the overall bonuses that are still active in-game.

You can check out the respective links for more information on both matters. The Abra Community day on March 15th will give the usual choice to players to come out and enjoy.

As side-information, the Safari Zone Event in Philadelphia will commence from May 8th to May 10th this year. There is still plenty of time to register for the event for players who are able to travel to the chosen location. Both the community day and Safari Zone events have a large hand in Pokemon Go’s success.


Niantic’s augmented reality Pokémon game, Pokémon Go, netted $68.1 million in January 2019. According to Sensor Tower, that’s up 84 percent from January 2018. This takes the game’s total revenue to $2.3 billion. The social app has seen a huge success throughout its lifetime and does not look to slow down any time soon.

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