Will Capcom’s Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection go Platinum

 Will Capcom’s Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection go Platinum

Capcom seems to be in the midst of a revival that is welcomed by new and classic gamers alike. From their new successful franchise Monster Hunter, the company has not come slow in letting people know it’s still in the gaming business. Revamping their older series such as Resident Evil and Megaman for the devoted fans showed Capcom is keen on pleasing the fanbase.

The Megaman franchise, in this manner, has shown that it is still capable of being a successful franchise, whether it is a fully new title like Megaman 11, or a re-release such as the Megaman X Legacy Collections. Both these have shown that they are still capable of sale-rates of the one million, a landmark that is called ‘platinum’ for the reason it shows the title is thriving. This has given way to their newest releases of a total of six GBA and DS titles in the newest collection, Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.

This newest release was exclusive to the Nintendo consoles up till now, and now it makes way to both the Xbox and PS and to PC as well. The Nintendo Switch is also getting the collection making it the first time that the title will be available to all.

Inti-Creates is the famous company who are responsible for these favoured games, the same company that is popular for their modern title Azure Striker GunVolt. Their hands are still similar as these are considered to be the true successors of the Megaman Zero and ZX series, creator-wise. There is much similarity between the titles that still show to this day, and giving the par on which the news for both titles seemed to have released amidst the same viewing time-frames, as Capcom are no longer working with Inti-Creates.

Zero’s new look from the GBA title Megaman Zero 2.

A 2D scroller with a relatively definitive and darker plot than the Megaman X or Megaman carried, the early reviews show that the collection, albeit having old games that are more than 10 years old, have still not lost their touch. The Protagonist is shifted to the character of Zero, the partner to X who seems to have been awakened after a 100 years since the plot of Megaman X6.

The game hails as a holder of lore and plot that fans applaud. But for all of this that is for the fans, the real question is shall this give it enough popularity to be Capcom’s next Megaman title to reach the 1 million mark. Fans are happy to see the GBA and DS titles upgraded with better visuals, a fully new remastered soundtrack and much more bonus content and pre-order bonuses, all that leaves nothing left behind for the people who wanted these beloved titles again on their modern tech.

This also shows that a franchise is capable of sustaining with a devoted fanbase even with re-releases, as the sales numbers peaked even for these old games. There is still the love fans have for having their oldest games playable on their modern gaming device.

As for news of a Limited Edition, unfortunately Japan exclusively has that available but not the west.

Capcom has chosen the way of physicality along with digital form if it helps the sales-number rise. The choice is left to the fans who are considering a successful re-release to be the fuel to the bigger news for their beloved franchise.

Time will tell if the game goes Platinum, and Capcom acknowledges this and gives another new fan favourite, whether a full new title, or another re-releases.
Some of the re-releases that are still asked of and talked about are the Megaman Legends and the Megaman BattleNetwork saga, and the newer titles that the fans have reported to be looking forward to are such as for Megaman X.

The numbers shall tell if Megaman Zero/ZX goes platinum for Capcom or not.