Valve Corporation leading E-sports, the standard of Dota 2’s yearly TI

 Valve Corporation leading E-sports, the standard of Dota 2’s yearly TI

Valve Corporation setting up Dota 2 E-sports status as a leading body signifies the value of a proper framework for competitive events and a happy fan-base that has made their E-sports scene reach record-breaking heights.

Dota 2’s biggest international event known as TI or ‘The International’ has been leading the steps of E-sports growth.

Known for being one of the most prominent online multiplayer titles, the game has shown immense growth since it’s inception and since the first TI in 2011. Since then, there have been groundbreaking enhancements in all systems that carried the main event each year to its status of today.

From the original prize-pool of one million US dollars and event in the space of only a portion of a Convention Center in 2011, The Internationals held yearly in August have jumped from the main cities of multiple regions and have broken records that they themselves set for the highest Prize-pool of E-Sports. The Dota 2 International 2019 (TI9) now sets the record for the highest ever prize-pool of E-sports at US$34 million.

This prize-pool surmounts through the purchase of an in-game package inside Dota 2. Known as the Battle-pass, 25% of the proceeds go directly to get the prize-pool of the relevant years TI. This manner has been used each year for each International Event, meaning that Valve Corporation has found a successful way of not only profiting off its success but building hype and a sustainable viewership and patrons that often spend upwards of $500 to gain TI-exclusive in-game content.

There have been frequent tweaks and changes to the competitive scene so that it holds fair competition globally. Qualifiers are opted to be held regionally that reward the winners with a bigger chance, conclusively ending with the possibility of reaching the TI. This simple yet ingenious system has been given frequent insight, and Valve continues to directly host large-scale events through their organization, with partners such as ESL and DreamHack taking stages to the best of their entertainment for the fans.

One other perspective to a broader knowledge is the convenience of getting into the competitive base and withstanding it year after year. It is a serious responsibility for a global event to attain the standard it deserves, and that is where Valve has shown that Dota 2’s E-sport scene is one that shall not run out of support.

The latest news of the Regional Leagues has once again shifted the overview of Valve’s sustenance of Dota 2’s E-sports. Considering the framework of the practicality of globally commencing a smoother event path than that of before, there are frequent updates and support by Valve to make sure that the next TI would be given complete convenience to rise above the previous in terms of revenue, presentation, convenience, skill, fairness, and entertainment overall.

Valve thus sets a perfect example of how there can be convenience and practicality of a working organization to lead the E-sports scene to great heights, E-sports still suffers from discrepancy and controversy of how there are negative traits of Video-games rather than giving it the title of a suitable standard of sport and competitive mindsets. It is gradually making an effect as E-sports continues to grow higher than officially renowned sports.

As a company that develops games, there is news of the infamous title Half-life to be getting its third sequel as an experience in VR. The company shows that it is still up for the development of games along with a renowned name in the E-sports industry already.

Valve is expected to do all it can to broaden the global boundaries of E-sports through Dota 2, and The International 2020 will show if Valve once again sets standards for E-sports.