New 1 PokeCoin Bundle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO’s latest Philadelphia Event showcases exclusive content


Niantic and the Pokemon Company have shown their work these past few weeks, pushing more than three con-current events that players are already enjoying in-game. Not only that, the unique mobile game title shows a high significance of a social app, meaning players are coming together now more than ever before. The news of the next Safari Zone Event have been released, with it’s next destination being Philadelphia, giving numerous content to go in if you’re playing Pokemon Go, with examples such as the already subsided Community Day; the monthly event where the chances of an obtainable in-game animal are increased with spawns and much more. With this out, there is still much more such as the Friendship Week that has been postponed to the upcoming week and more such as the Fossil Pokemon Event in-game.

The Safari Zone Event consists of a city to be the chosen grounds for the largest social gathering for the purpose of playing a mobile game. It is not the first time this has been proven, as previous regional events such as the Montreal held more than a hundred thousand concurrent players in the historic Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at the beautiful Parc Jean-Drapeau in Canada. The upcoming regional event would be estimated to cross the hundred thousand joining player count in the least. The requirements for this is just to buy a ticket and show up! Those that show interest can already preregister their admission via in-game news tab.

For those that cannot join the Regional Event, there are plenty of ongoing events that every player can enjoy. The Pokemon Spotlight Mystery Bonus Hour has been paused for the upcoming next week, with only a little delay to gather the hype for fans, and the ongoing ones range from the Eggs-cavating event to the Team Rocket Special Research that showcases the legendary Pokemon Raikou in Shadow form. Fans can obtain this digital creature to get it by defeating the Team Rocket Boss Giovanni in-game if they have already beaten three of the initial leaders. Players can enjoy all of these bonuses just by starting up the app.

All these events have come due to the celebratory day of February 27th, hailed far and wide as the Pokemon Day for being the date when the first Pokemon video game were launched in Japan in 1996. From the first video-games on the Nintendo Game-boy, Pokemon has come far to deliver fans plenty of titles to enjoy. Examples of this are the now highest selling Nintendo Switch titles, Pokemon Sword and Shield with over 5 million units already sold, with the release dates only this November. Pokemon Go has come up with a hefty sum in profit for the company as well, with the numbers showing the mobile application has seen a bigger profit than the other main series titles of over 1 billion US dollars. The Pokemon Company have been as active in news updates as in their other work and are making people look forward to another successful active year for the Pokemon Franchise.