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OGA Dota Underlords PIT conclusion an engrossing end

The first official OGA Dota Underlords PIT tournament finally comes to a conclusion with its US$ 3000 prize pool distributed over the top eight competitors.

The hosts CHARM3R and RobAJG brought the final day to an end for the fans. The tournament has proven to be a great success. The sponsorship of OGA with AMD, Sapphire, and AOC for the Dota Underlords tournament reached views of over 22 million on its official stream. This shows the presence of a devoted fanbase that the game has obtained all while being mostly in the beta phase.

Player 1437 goes home with the title of winning the first-ever official Underlords tournament following the game’s move to season one.

Each player in the Losers Bracket wanted to earn the position of top four. The last matches came close, parallel to NATALIE dishing out tactical plays 1v1 against TOTALLYNORMALCAT and winning. Using clever plays with Ember Spirit, she obtained enough points to put her into the top four of the Losers Bracket and into the final eight and the Grand Finals Bracket of the OGA Dota Underlords PIT.

The Grand Finals Bracket followed largely based upon knight build plays, the bracket itself had one of the most tactical matches with Game 1 showing a comeback for NATALIE who pushed NIKOLAJOKIC to a low early start in the first game of the 5 series game. However, the first 25 points went to 1437, beating NATALIE.

Game two had KOS.TETADOURSO knocking out 1437 from taking another game.

Game 3 of the Grand Finals Bracket oversaw 1437 once again winning with KOS.TETADOURSO coming second. 1437 showed skill as he was now leading the bracket with 71 points. Second place KOS.TETADOURSO had 58 points and third place [TA]SL1CKZ had 51.

Game 4 was a surprising take with 1437 surviving two rounds with 1 Health remaining, giving him some room before his placement for 5th place rather than 6th. The game was won by NIKOLAJOKIC with 6 knights in the last round. KOS.DEFNOTSMOJ came second.

CEREMONIALS and TINMAN sat at 34 points each at the bottom of the Bracket at the start of Game 5.

1437 surviving two rounds on 1 Health.

The final game to conclude the tournament gave a riveting performance by each player leading to Round 17 of the game. 1437 and KOS.TETADOURSO kept playing Spirit builds, making comebacks to stay alive after early losses. The lobby remained full until Round 22 where [TA]SL1CKZ gets eliminated.

1437 faces a small disconnection during Combat Round 24 but manages to win. KOS.TETADOURSO eliminates him in Round 26 and gets 5th place. He gets eliminated in the next round. NIKOLAJOKIC and TINMAN duke it out on Round 28. NIKOLAJOKIC wins Game 5. The final tally comes after a short break.

The top eight players did not go home empty-handed with the distribution of the prize money as follows:
1st Place and Winner of OGA Dota Underlords PIT – 1437 taking home $1000.
2nd Place Runner-up – NIKOLAJOKIC taking home $650.
3rd Place – KOS.TETADOURSO taking home $450.
4th Place – NATALIE taking home $350.
5th Place – [TA]SL1CKZ taking home $250.
6th Place – DEFNOTSMOJ taking home $150.
7th Place – TINMAN taking home $100.
8th Place – CEREMONIALS taking home $50.

With the conclusion of the OGA Dota Underlords PIT, Dota Underlords officially procures its first official tournament in the books with plenty of anticipated prospects for the future of the game.

Season One of the game continues onwards with predictions regarding balance patches to be released soon. There are also possibilities of Valve Corporation giving plenty of more additions to the game. Further improvements will add to the already popular Dota title.


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