MkLeo joins the T1 Smash Ultimate roster

 MkLeo joins the T1 Smash Ultimate roster

MkLeo currently sits at the number one spot in ranked competitive gameplay for Super Smash Brothers International. The latest updates from his Twitter account confirmed that he is now joining the Smash roster under T1 Entertainment and Sports.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. This is just the beginning of a lot of great things with my new family…@T1❤️” were Leonardo’s words, followed up with his first stream under the new banner on Twitch. This news is being considered a great deal as MkLeo proves in the previous year that he earns the title of number one, being the winner of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament at EVO 2019. This tournament was hailed as the biggest event of the franchise with more entries than ever before.

That goes hand to hand in with the fact of how Smash Bros. has also won the title of the Best Fighting game of the same year. There have been plenty of Smash events where MkLeo was also the star with the number 1 singles spot, such as the Frostbite 2020 in Detroit in February.

T1 has gained social media coverage once again due to its recent activity in catching popular stars for its roster. Faker, the League of Legends player, has also signed a new 3-year contract under the leadership role after his news of retirement. He shall be a part-owner of the organization. T1 responded to the rumor of their new signing with which they responded with this confirmation; “It’s no Joke-r. T1 is officially welcoming @Mkleosb to our Smash roster! We’re proud to strengthen our North American presence and continue our winning legacy with this superstar on our side!”

T1 Entertainment and Sports have been one of the leading organizations in various games. They include rosters for League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex Legends and more. They also have the winning rankings in League of Legends World Championship in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Their Super Smash Bros. roster will now include Leonardo with Jason Bates.

MkLeo has risen to the top in the past two years with his signature characters such as Joker. With his diversion to Smash Ultimate that was released in 2018, he won one of the first Smash Ultimate tourneys, the Smash Conference United and Genesis 6. The latter considers itself a top tier tournament of Smash Ultimate. This was his third consecutive winning streak of the same series as another addition. Thus, the feat gave him plenty of renown as the top player of the new Smash Ultimate game. He would go on to gain top numbers in each event he’d participate in. He also won CEO 2019. This streak made him get into the top spot in the Inaugural Panda Global Rankings in Ultimate.

Other than the EVO 2019, he also won Super Smash Con 2019. These rankings show fulfillment for T1 to take interest in the player and to sign him for future Smash Ultimate events.