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Marco Silva wins Pokemon Oceania Masters Division

The 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships: VGC Masters Division Finals concluded after Marco Silva and Edwardo Cunha were the two participants to make it to the finals.

It took not too long after Marco won 2-0 against Cunha and added another title to his already experienced name. The winning Prize Award he gets to choose is taking home US$5000 or the options for a Pokemon VISA prepaid Card or a Scholarship plan.

Pokemon International championships have always been the booth for E-sports that has always attracted a devoted fan-base. Considering the E-sports genre to be growing more and more with Prize-pools and professional matches getting more competitive, the Pokemon E-sports scene seems like a more modest take towards the competitors.

The prize awards are not as high as most E-sports these days, but for the worth of devoted fans, the awards are still a bonus to what they normally expect from these Championships, which is a simple stage to have fun. The Pokemon Company has given a stage for the simple worth of a loved franchise to be rejoiced. The competitors shared the same feat as almost every participant went home with a fulfilled heart.

Even the top 64 participants do not go empty handed, as they are given awards like the prepaid visa card or more.

This lays stress on the actual motive of a video-game E-sport. As this genre continues to grow, there shall be stress on the competitive motive over what actually mattered in the first place for people to get into video-games; Leisure and having fun. The 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships: VGC Masters Division Finals showed the more experienced side of the matches as each participant was above the age of 15, but as the same case it did not show a lack of enjoyment of the players.

There is stress upon the want of being the winners, but it still gives a token of gratitude to be a stage that accepts the meek and mild part of enjoying a social E-sports competition. That shows plenty in these finals, the same way it did in in the Juniors division where previously the 7 year old girl Simone Lim showed plenty of smiles throughout her winning streak. This concludes the Masters Division Finals of the 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships.

There is plenty of more going on in the world of Pokemon International Championships. The Pokemon TCG International Championships are also being held at the same venues and there is plenty of stuff to see if you’re a fan of the franchise. For more on these, you can visit the Official Pokemon Website page for all the info on anything International or else-wise.


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