Is Fortnite Doomed to Fail Due To Lack of Original New Content?

 Is Fortnite Doomed to Fail Due To Lack of Original New Content?

Epic’s acclaimed online game that took the world by storm is known to have one of the biggest followings in the world, having north of 100 million players during its peak, and while still being able to keep a base of above 20 million players in the past, it now seems to be losing its edge. While for Epic Games Fortnite might seem like the golden goose that will never stop giving, it seems that players have started to grow tired of the game in its entirety with no new content and competition growing, Fortnite might be losing players and viewers alike taking Epic Games down with them if they do with a large amount of the latter’s online store service being a hedge against its own flagship game potentially losing market share.

With the last season lasting for more than four months it seemed like the season would never end and left players feeling fatigued and disappointed which ultimately led to a harsh dip in viewership in the long run with many citing a lack of story/plot driven instances which used to be a cornerstone of the build-and-shoot title. The old formula used by Fortnite of creating hype by teasing in-game events throughout the season making the event feel larger than life until the final must- see moment which finally took the game into the next season seems to no longer be in play and has left the viewers bored with the same old content and the same old gameplay without any gameplay-centric updates in recent weeks

While there is still a glimmer of hope coming with Fortnite chapter 2 season 1 which is going to be released on February 20th, 2020. The new chapter is facing heavy amounts of scrutiny due to its lack of leaks, no new updates, map changes or story development. All in all the new chapter seems to be generating zero buzz around it which in turn is leaving viewers feeling like there is nothing new coming from the new chapter leaving them feeling tired and bored of the game.

In comparison ‘Apex Legends’, previously dubbed the Fortnite “killer” with its constant changes to the game and updates has amassed a huge following and in the latest Season four update, EA has noted a significant uptick in active users as it resonated with gamers significantly with constant updates, overhauls and game mode additions. Respawn, the developer behind EA-published Apex has been in the same rut as Epic previously however, with there being a significantly large gap between seasons and content rollouts which led to it hemorrhaging a sizable amount of its player base when it launched. All in all with Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Episode 2 in the limelight, Epic will have to outdo itself to keep up with the competition. Will that be enough to stem the tide? That question remains to be answered.

Ahad Lalani