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Dota2: Valve Releases DotA 2’s Soundtrack on Steam

Valve Corporation has finally released DotA 2‘s iconic soundtrack as a stand-alone purchase for steam users and streamers wanting more direct access to the game’s musical content. The release consists of 18 different soundtracks composed by the publisher’s own creative holdings, Valve Studio Orchestra and consists of all the soundtracks released up to 2016 including the ones that were part of the initial game when it launched on July 9th 2013.

The tracks from the official Dota 2 Soundtrack available via Steam.

The base soundtrack for DotA 2 is considered some of the best video game music composed with the composer, Jason Hayes also credited for his works including but not limited to Blizzard’s Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone with Audio Director Tim Larkin, best known for his works in Myst, Riven, Prince of Persia also credited for his contributions that shaped the theme of DotA 2. The audio is available in standard quality (95 MB) or high quality (328 MB) as an optional download. It carries a base price of $5.49 but is currently 25% off as part of a sale that cheesily ends on the 14th of Feb, something that players can jokingly attribute to a valentines day gift from Valve to them should they be inclined to do so. The soundtrack, however, can also be streamed online or played using popular audio streaming service Spotify and can be purchased separately or streamed on Amazon with it available as both a disc and a Vinyl record for the more discerning of collectors that procure DotA 2 paraphilia. All in all, there are multiple ways to go down memory lane for those of us who wish to do so when it comes to DotA 2’s soundtrack


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