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Bids to host The Internationals: prospects and predictions

Valve Corporation’s Annual Event “The International” has taken a turn of changes since the new format of the pathways of events leading to the main event. Now the news comes over that from the next year onward, the International or TI in its shorter iteration, shall be hosted at a specific place via bids.

This means that there is now a chance for cities to give a response if they’d like to host the next TI. For those that are not knowing, The International is known to be the host of the biggest prize-pool in all of E-sports. This means cities can now respond to the bids to be the ones to host the largest prize-pool event of E-sports, a feat that is sure to attract a large gaming society based on its prestige and history alone.

The renowned Olympics works the same way and people have noticed the similarity; Valve Corporation has been hosting the TI from 2011 and has gone well above expectations to attract the largest gatherings of fans. The Competition has been known to be of the highest caliber, but more so the fact that the same company has been able to successfully increase the production value of the main annual event that is the zenith of competitive Dota 2.

Maybe for the reason of better prospects or in a bid to diversify its reach further, or for a better state of the event overall, Valve has given the option of Bids to the people this time. Bids for hosting The International DOTA 2 Championships shall give a chance for interested cities that have yet to host a TI or a TI-level event to gain the chance for added tourism, revenue and a chance to be as the increasingly coveted title of an E-sports hub.

Bids shall decide the hosting of TIs

A chance for any able body to be the next hosts could suffice much for the growth and reach of the Event, and for E-Sports in general. Expectations are already high with larger prize pools and viewers with every iteration of the largest E-sports event of the year. This gives another take on how the event shall present a better and bigger perspective of views for the fans. Simply put, devoted fans are spread throughout the globe. Some that have not been able to travel to the main event before may have the chance to have their own city host the event. It gives the assumption of a generous narration by Valve Inc. and the prospect of a happier fan-base, a factor that has greatly boosted The International’s success.

Previously The International has jumped from various regions and cities that were handpicked by Valve in limits of where it shall see the biggest growth. It has been hosted in Germany, Europe, the US, China, with TI 10 holding in Sweden. From the next year onward, this event shall be given to any capable bidder who wins. Certain regulations are enforced by Valve Corporation to maintain TI’s standards.

The bidder has to assure the proper conduct of the necessities for the event, for example, the month has to be in August like previous TIs. The hosting city has to ensure the proper hosting of attendees that are expected to number well above 50,000. That also means that the bulk of attendees which may come from abroad not only have to be managed at a hospitality level with an estimated 30,000 or more hotel bookings expected, but they also need to be accommodated at a visa issuance level; Valve previously has had visa issues for some Chinese nationals who were professional players, an issue that it would possibly like to avoid. Also part of basic requirements would be access to high-speed internet and/or networks to allow streaming and seamless game-play for competing teams.

For one of the largest E-Sports global event, The International has successfully seen growth year after year with its benchmark normally being its previous iteration. Valve Corporation seems to be both, considering other options for TI as well as democratizing the process allowing for entities not being considered previously to make a case for them to step up and take the reins as a host city. Notable destinations include Manilla in the Philipines, Melbourne in Australia and potentially Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Seattle, a previous favorite of Valve might also be in consideration thanks to its Arena projected to be completed by 2021 making it another viable option.

As for the Dota Pro Circuit, the latest Leipzig Major has concluded and will be followed up on March 5th with the StarLadder Imba TV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 in Kyiv. The next Major shall also be in March about a week after the minor’s conclusion in the United States. The conclusion of the Pro Circuit shall conclude with the last two also being majors in Moscow and Singapore, followed up with The International 2020 in Sweden later this August.


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