AMD-Sponsored OGA Dota Underlords PIT Is Now Live

 AMD-Sponsored OGA Dota Underlords PIT Is Now Live

The OGA Dota Underlods PIT is finally off to a start with qualifying brackets of eight players each playing double-elimination matches. Playing a 5 game series, their progress will choose who shall go into the Upper Bracket and who shall drop to the Lower one that shall lay down the brackets for the rest of the tournament.

The high expectation of the sponsored tournament has already reached more than 22 million views on their Offical Twitch Stream.

The news for DOTA Underlords finally coming out of its beta phase and into its first season is already showing great anticipation as the first organizers for the game’s official esports are AMD and Sapphire. A new partnership of this renowned organization with Valve Corporation comes with all the information on the tournament.

The competition is finally off to a start that consists of the invited 16 players going head to head in a double-elimination bracket that shall last for three days. AMDSapphire, and AOC. are the sponsors for OGA, also known as One Game Agency, the hosts of the Dota Underlords pit.

The total of 16 participating players in Dota Underlords are the following:

  1. PINTI
  6. 1437
  7. [TA]SL1CKZ
  8. NRVN5
  9. GRUNT
  10. BLAZED
  14. YEEX__
  16. WOOF

The official hosts are Charmer and Tinsman354.

Bracket A of Dota Underlords has already concluded with Natalie 1437, Totallynormalcat and Tinman scoring positions in the Upper Bracket, defeating Tazclikz, Nrvn5, Kosdefnotsmoj, and Pinti respectively and putting them into the Lower Bracket.

Bracket B puts Nicolajokic, Tetadourso, Ceremonials, and Grunt currently on the top and into the Upper Bracket with the rest of the four Upper Bracket players. The last four Woof, Blazed, Imoartel, and Yeex are in the Lower Bracket.

This sets up how the rest of the tournament Bracket shall commence from tomorrow onward.

Day 1 of DOTA Underlords Dotapit Tournament.

The Upperbracket winners shall directly go to the top eight finalists while the Lower Bracket will decide who shall battle it out with the losers of the Upper Bracket in the Losers Bracket final. The winners of this Bracket shall be the last four of the Top 8, securing the least of the prize-pool money.
On the final third day after the Lower Bracket finals, the final eight shall decide who shall be the winner of the tournament and takes home US$ 1000 and the title of being the winner of the first official Esports tournament for DOTA Underlords.

These players play for the prize-pool of US $3000, split to the top 8 of the competition in the following manner:

  1. $1000
  2. $650
  3. $450
  4. $350
  5. $250
  6. $150
  7. $100
  8. $50

There is plenty of more action to see as this is just the beginning of the Tournament, with a full two more days action left. DOTA Underlords has plenty of more to show as its first season begins along with its duration out of the beta phase.

For those that want to get into the action, they can check the official DotaPit Twitch Stream: .

There is much more happening under the banner of OGA DotaPit, who also hosted the Dota 2 Croatia 2019 Minor.