7 Year Old Girl wins Pokemon International Juniors Division

 7 Year Old Girl wins Pokemon International Juniors Division

The Pokemon Company has lately been holding their own championships, with plenty of participants coming for the social event competition. The 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championships: VGC Junior Division Finals in particular commenced after more than 200 competing participants, all below thirteen years of age, dueled out in Melbourne, Australia.

The winner would be given the choice of any scholarships or an amount of US$ 1500.

Viewers were keen on seeing that the finalists consisted of a relatively less experienced 7 year old girl, along with the other finalist being an older experienced one in the Championships.

The 7-year old girl who ended up beating the more experienced player is Simone Lim, an adorable young girl who showed plenty of promise to win the Junior Division.

In the game’s sense, the final concluded with her Tyranatar using it’s super effective attack move Superpower to take out the opponent’s Rhyperior to make her the winner of the division.

These were her accomplishments in the Pokemon Competitive scene, and not adds her winning of the Oceania Junior Division as well. She took home the prize-money of US$1500.

The runner-up was surprised to face a loss against a younger opponent. Justin Miranda Radbord himself does not have less accomplishments, but this adds to the young winner showing promise as a competitor. There is still much more room for both to grow.

There are plenty of other Pokemon-theme related goodies for visitors at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center that is hold the event.

Two of the other Divisions for older competitors, the Senior Division and the Master Division are still going on.

Along with that, the competitive Pokemon TCG is still an active society and also has plenty of competitions along with the Oceania Divisions.

For those that are interested, they can watch the Championship Divisions on various sites such as The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel. You can get all the info from the Event Info tab on Pokemon’s official site.