Overwatch’s New Competitive Mode Now Out On PS4

 Overwatch’s New Competitive Mode Now Out On PS4

After about a week, Blizzard has finally added Competitive Mode to the PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch. Competitive was already out for the PC version of the game. As they needed verification from the developers of Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions were expected to come out later this week. But it seems like they’ve managed to launch it ahead of schedule.

As of now, Competitive Mode is now available for all versions of Overwatch. The update also comes with many character nerfs as well as other changes.

Blizzard calls the new mode a more serious environment for the game. Most competitive games usually require you to reach a certain level or milestone before you can be allowed to participate in the matches with higher stakes. Overwatch’s Competitive Mode requires you to be level 25, which can be reached in a few days by a regular player. When you reach the requirement, you will be matched to other players around your skill level. Of course, once you start playing you’ll need to compete with other players to climb up the ladder. You can also team up with your friends and play competitive matches, provided your skill levels are similar.

In competitive play, control maps will consist of best of fives, instead of the typical best of three series. You will have to play one round of attack and defense each on Escort and Assault maps. When two rounds are completed, the team with the most points wins. Points can be earned by reaching checkpoints and completing objectives.

Changes have been made to certain characters. It is harder for McCree to take down tank units now. Widowmaker, which a few people considered to be overpowered, now has lower base damage.

Lots of other bugs have been fixed, and the Avoid Player feature has been removed. People previously abused the feature to avoid high skilled players in their matches.