Trade of Koosta for Jdm64 by Team Liquid

 Trade of Koosta for Jdm64 by Team Liquid

Ex-AWPer Kenneth “koosta” Suen has been swapped by Team Liquid for sniper Josh “jdm64” Marzano, although koosta was known as the best AWPer in North America. The transfer came as a shock since koosta became a starter in the lineup just two months ago after being signed on earlier this year in February. He couldn’t play in the MLG Columbus Major because He had already taken part in the Vavle tournament’s North American qualifier with his previous team Selfless Gaming.

Eric “adreN” Hoag had to temporarily get his spot filled for the event temporarily as he returned to the players for the duration of the Major. Later on, he became an essential part of the success of the team at this event. Although the plan was to exclusively utilize adreN for the tournament, however, the unforeseen exit of the controversial star of Team Liquid, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, was known to be the permanent return of adreN to the team.

S1mple exit was of two months and during that time, Team Liquid faced an intense decline. Later on, the department of s1mple racked up many last-place finishes at the international events. A major reason for the major drawback in performance was the dull form of koosta, according to several pundits.

In the meantime, jdm64, for several months, had been praised as Counter Logic Gaming’s star roster. The AWP of jdm64 is considered to be the best one out of all the North American players, keeping in mind that his performance with weaponry has been questioned in the past, aside from the AWP.

Jdm64 will be taking part in the upcoming ESports Championship Series finals on the 24th of June in London, UK as well as the ESL One Cologne Major on the 5th of July. S1mple will join Team Liquid at these events as adreN is released by the organization this month.

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