Charity Money Raised by Twitch and ESports

 Charity Money Raised by Twitch and ESports

Last weekend, thousands of dollars were raised for charity by some big names in the gaming industry and streaming industry.

Many gaming celebrities came to the event, CyberPowerPC’s All-Star Charity Games 2016, namely Melonie Mac, Paola “PancakePow” Alejandra, and Alex “AxelToss” Rodriguez along with some of the best eSports teams such as Team SoloMod. The event was held at the eSports Arena in the downtown of Santa Ana, CA. These gaming personalities and teams encouraged others to give their donations to the Extra Life charity, along with this they all hung out together as well as played some games. The whole event was broadcasted live on Twitch; it is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. After summing it up, the donations were more than $14,000 at the end of the event.

Extra Life is an online grassroots movement working to save local kids through the power of play; from video games to board games. From the year 2008, the foundation has sponsored marathons, twenty four hour livestreams to benefit the children’s hospitals as well as the patients there. These events are evidence that gamers have the ability pf accomplishing the meaningful things in life, despite their desk-bound reputation.

At the event, one lucky donor was given a gift which included a PC worth $4,000. The audience was given autographed mice, keyboards and headsets by TSM. The gamers had an exhilarating time at the event by gaming and helping make people’s life better – it was gaming and eSports and good deeds at its best!

Saad Usmani

Journalism to film making to digital marketing to game design and development