Team Spirit new home for ex-Arcade players

 Team Spirit new home for ex-Arcade players

The players of Arcade eSports have been going through a rocky road, lately in their careers. At the end of 2015 one of the old eSports team, Vega Squadron, received 3-4th place at the 1st CIS Minor. Additions of players Vadim DavCost Vasilyev and Anton Kibaken helped the team be eligible for the DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer, however, were defeated by Epsilon on a B O3 game.

The team, Arcade eSports, made it obvious that they were no longer carrying forward the Arcades name when the 2nd DreamHack Open Summer closed qualifier showed up. During this time, the group was taking on under the past placeholder name, Phenomenon. Rumors spread which led to speculation followed by an announcement which appeared on Team Spirits website. Team Spirit is a newly founded Russian eSports organization with DOTA 2 being its origin.

Team Spirit’s current players are:

Niklay “Certus” Certus (Coach)
Vadim “DavCost” Vasilyev
Dmitriy “Dima” Bandurka
Dmitriy “S0tf1k” Forostyanko
Anton “kibaken” Kolesnikov
Pavel “COLDYY1” Veklenko
The coach of ex-Arcade said the following with respect to joining the Team Spirit

“We are very pleased that we have partners such as Team Spirit now. The support of a large organization, which we have been looking for and have now finally found, will help us to focus on the work (getting better as a team) and not be distracted by little things. It will help us fully immerse ourselves in the training process and as quickly as possible prepare to achieve big goals. I hope that our cooperation will be fruitful. We will do our best to please our fans.”

Now, the question is whether the ex-Arcade players will face improvement in this new organization or not. Polls have been put up to see the opinions of the fans.

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