Team AGG Lineup Female Professional CS:GO Players

 Team AGG Lineup Female Professional CS:GO Players

With the rise of eSports as an industry and culture, we have seen a plethora of tournaments, leagues and events to satisfy the growing community. Over the years, numerous organizations and teams dedicated to eSports have popped up. For the most part, the names and rosters that we see showered in the glory of eSports, belong to or comprise of a male majority.

Women have been a part of the gaming community since its birth, but unfortunately, have remained a minority in numbers. However, this does not reflect upon a female’s ability to be able to master a game and play at a professional level.

CS:GO seems to be leading the charge at bringing female players to the eSports platform. WeRunThisPlace (WRTP) is an all female European based CS:GO team that has won a handful of major tournaments such as the Intel Katowice Challenge and has placed its name on the eSports platform. The charge seems to be continuing; only recently Starladder announced a $10,000 female CS:GO tournament that will take place from July 16 to 17, 2016.

It looks like Team AGG wishes to take part in the rise of professional female gamers and announced the arrival of their own female CS:GO team.

Team AGG has already been doing quite well with its male CS:GO team, it decided that that it was time to time to bring in a female CS:GO team. In a recent Twitter update, the organization revealed a purple version of its original logo to represent the female CS:GO roster.

This year, it seems like female CS:GO is going to receive a major boost with a few tournaments and new female rosters. Perhaps this was one of many developments in the rise of female eSports.

Saad Usmani

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