Selfless is Expanding – Signs Overwatch Team

 Selfless is Expanding – Signs Overwatch Team

Selfless Gaming continues to expand their organizational operations. They made an announcement on their official website saying that they are proud of their collaboration with Overwatch.

SelflessGG, an eSports organization, is expanding into Overwatch. It has taken a competitive team of Overwatch – Team b1am’s boys and sicarri. According to GosuGamers Global rankings, the team is on #13 in North America and #23 in the world.

SelflessGG is known for competing in GosuGamers weeklies since the game was released. The eSports organization gave an impressive show in the GosuGamers NA Weekly #12 in which they made their way to the quarter-finals after fighting past 128 teams. They were then defeated by REUNITED in the quarter-finals.

The Overwatch team for SelflessGG comprises of the following rosters:

Jeff “emongg” Anderson
Preston “Juv3nile” Dornon
Michael “Michael3d” Wilbanks
Taylor “b1am” Forrest
Rob “Rob-Wiz” Kennedy
Rebecca “Sicarri” Ysteboe

It is suggested to fans to stay on the lookout for SelflessGG in the uncoming weeks and that is because it is a team with the ability to defeat topmost teams and resultantly, climb higher in the GosuRankings. Polls have been set up in order to get the feedback from the fans about their opinion on eSports organizations picking up Overwatch teams; is it too early, or must the eSports organisations strike while the iron is still hot? Up till now, the latter seems to be taking the lead.

The hype around Overwatch isn’t going to die anytime soon. From the initial reaction, this game is on its way to being the next “DOTA” of eSports.

Saad Usmani

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