Overwatch Receives The Battle EU Tournament

 Overwatch Receives The Battle EU Tournament

Overwatch has come somewhat of a distance from its beta stages to a full-fledged first person shooter with a rather large fan base. Blizzard’s take on MOBA and shooter hybrid has come out interestingly popular in the gaming community. Considering the eSports scene, Overwatch is a long way out from reaching that platform. The extent of competitiveness in Overwatch is not as far as the likes of CS:GO. Large organizations have been formed on the basis of CS:GO, the game has leagues and tournaments with prize pools up to a million dollars, dedicated to it. Overwatch has not been blessed with such popularity as yet.

Overwatch has a handful of tournaments dedicated to it. However, these are rather small scale tournaments being hosted by small organizations. That said, they are steps towards a bigger presence in eSports.

Another step has been taken by Overwatch to advance a notch towards a larger platform, with The Battle EU tournament announced. This is a completely online based tournament which will include some of the better European teams fighting one another over a period of two months.

The prize pool for this tournament is a comparatively larger $4000. Other tournaments that are hosted online size up to a couple $100. Considering that, The Battle might be more than a step, it is an opportunity for some great teams to let their presence be known.

The first qualifier begins on June 5, 2016 with the qualifier rounds ending on June 15, 2016. After this, the qualifying teams will fight over the span of mid June to mid July in two group stages. The main event will take place from July 18 to July 24, 2016.

There are a total of 32 spots in the qualifier and any time in the European region is welcome to register themselves to compete in the series.

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