Ongoing Swapping and Exiting of Rosters

 Ongoing Swapping and Exiting of Rosters

Eugene Tseng, Yuuj, tweeted the following at 7.54 am on the 13th of July, 2016:
“As of today, I am now a free agent. I decided to leave @PandaGlobalPG and wish them the best in the future. Will post soon about reasons.”

According to his tweet, the player said that the team dynamics were deteriorating and blame was being given to one another. This happened while the Summer Championship is still going on. The teams which did not make it to the finals are now preparing for Fall qualifiers. During this time, roster changes and adjustments were seen to be taking place and this is exactly when Yuuj made his announcement of exiting Panda Global.

Yuuj continues to talk about it by mentioned about the evening the team was defeated from the Burbank Regional and that is when he was informed that he is likely to be benched. This will be a slight setback for the career of the former roster of Panda Global but he also states that he is now taking a short break from competitive ply but will be back “thirsty for more”.

Furthermore, money seems to be the main issue for a lot of casters who are dropping out of the game, Heroes of The Storm. A player, Zixz, stated that the game is “killing his savings” even after being treated well by Blizzard and Tempo Storm. On Tuesday, he made a statement that he will be leaving Tempo Storm as well as retiring from HOTS as he plans to work on his master’s degree.

Irrespective of Zixz departure, Tempo doesn’t seem to be the team which will be backing down. Even though, Cloud9 has ended their reign and disbanded from the organization and due to this, many make the assumption that Tempo is unlikely to be far behind with their quality of play lately.

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