Manchester United next in line to buy eSports team

 Manchester United next in line to buy eSports team

It hasn’t been very long since a great deal of major soccer clubs have been getting involved in eSports, namely West Ham, FC Schalke 04, Valencia CF. Also, in a very less amount of time, European giant Manchester United seems to follow suit. On the report of an eSports News UK, the English organization is likely to buy a professional Overwatch team.

Overwatch is a newly launched first-person shooter game from the developer of Starcraft, Hearthstone and Warcraft i.e. Blizzard. The game was released around the end of May and has been extremely famous since. However, uncertainty remains with regard to the games future in eSports.

Going back to the news of Manchester United buying an eSports team, the eSports News UK stated that the Euro giant may be bidding for Fnatic; one of Europe’s biggest eSports brand. The news stated that Fnatic is valued at $42.5 million which makes it the worlds’ most high-priced eSports organization. Meanwhile, Manchester United is valued at an astonishing $3.3 billion.

Splyce League of Legends coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi told The Rift Herald after Schalke 04’s investment that the step which Manchester United is going to take will be deemed as a factor to legitimize and stabilize the eSports industry, or fill any remaining gaps. YamatoCannon said, “I used to play soccer myself, so I follow the big coaches in the soccer world. In my case, it was José Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson. With that in mind, I used to joke with my friends like, ‘someday, I’m going to coach Real Madrid eSports’”.

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