KeSPA Integrates Hots as an Esports

 KeSPA Integrates Hots as an Esports

Heroes of the Storm is yet another MOBA that has recently gained quite a lot of popularity with global championships to its name and leagues dedicated to providing opportunities to players. Come to think of it, Heroes of the Storm made its way to the eSports scene rather quickly, whether it has to do with its genre or not, we are not entirely sure. The game offers a unique take on the genre that is somewhat simplistic in that it does not include item building, rather you just skill up your heroes.

The Korean eSports Association is an entity based out of South Korea that is supported by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. KeSPA runs the eSports scene is South Korea and holds tournaments and leagues that are played at a national level. It also organizes teams and broadcasts games on media and the internet.

With Heroes of the Storm registered under KeSPA, the game has now become a recognizable form of entertainment. Although there have been no official announcements by the institute itself regarding the future of the title, the development should be good news for Hots fans. Some seemed to be rather excited with Heroes of the Storm being registered. R_gg.heroes tweeted:

“Heroes of the Storm has been officially registered as a KESPA Game … @HeroesEsports @BlizzHeroes.”

KeSPA may or may not hold tournaments and leagues for the game but we do know for sure that it will now be more recognized, and probably receive a lot more coverage now, especially on South Korean soil.

Much of the community feels that any form of legitimization will help the game grow and reach bigger heights in the eSports scene.

Saad Usmani

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