Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship

 Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship

Heroes of the Storm has gained the kind of popularity and fan base that Dota 2 gained after release. Although the new MOBA has quite some distance left to cover before it reaches a league comparable to Dota 2, it does look like the title is inching there. It seems like only a few days back we had the exciting run at the Spring Global Championship, and now Blizzard has already announced details for the Fall Championship.

Perhaps what is most exciting about the details of Fall 2016 Heroes of the Storm season is the fact that the prize pool has been increased exponentially. The prize pool that teams will be going head to head for in Fall is a whopping $1,000,000. This might be the largest ever prize pool for a Heroes of the Storm tournament since its full release. Before the Fall Global Championship, there is the Summer Championship to look forward to which is also rather large scale. Summer 2016 will see half a prize pool of what the Fall Championship has to offer.

For some regions, the details Blizzard released might be disappointing. It looks like the prize pool for some regions have been reduced. The Latin America region will be receiving a $4,500 prize instead of $18,500 as last time. In the same way, Australia and New Zealand fans found out that they will be allocated $10,000 as prize money instead of $20,000.

You can take a look at Blizzard’s official announcement here. According to the post, the Fall season will be structured similarly to the Spring season where teams will go through regional qualifiers and make it to the tournament.

For the most part, increasing a prize pool to a million dollars is a turning point for a MOBA title. Heroes of the Storm may have achieved a milestone with the Fall Global Championship.

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