Global recognition: Russia to accredit eSports

 Global recognition: Russia to accredit eSports

Esports are being recognized more and more all around the planet and today, another great step was taken by the Russian government which is likely to make it in the history of eSports. They officially announced eSports to be added in their “register of sports” on June 17.

Although Russia was the first nation to acknowledge eSports in the year 2001 but due to failure of fulfilment of minimum requirement, this was reversed in the year 2006.

After all this time, Russia has made a comeback by being highly developed in more than half the nation with regard to eSports in the nation which it wasn’t when the official recognition had been regressed.

Returning to the last years news, billionaire Alisher Usmanov was ready to empty $100m into the scene, this is an intriguing time for the country to make this move with features brimming with the incapacitated scandal holding the more traditional areas of rivalry.

The impact this is likely to have on the people effectively included in Russian eSports is yet to be seen, however, in a long list of announcements, this is the newest and most popular news regarding petitions of officially recognizing eSports. This new announcement is highly likely to support the odds for new generations to proceed with the legacy as Russia has highly talented players which shine all across the world.

Saad Usmani

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