Blizzard Joins Hands with Facebook

 Blizzard Joins Hands with Facebook

It is a rather suitable mix when it comes to merging different kinds of media with the gaming world. With the kind of cooperation and compatibility that comes with attaching elements like broadcast media, streaming, and news media with games, a lot can and has already been achieved. These things more or less complement each other, in that they benefit one another.

The integration of social media into games has been present for a while now, but for the most part on a small scale. We have seen multitudes of online platformers and mobile games with the option of using Facebook for scores, posts and more. Now, Blizzard has taken the big step towards bringing in social media to eSports.

Facebook and Blizzard have joined hands to allow players more of a social experience while still keeping the soul of a game intact. is now going to utilize Facebook technology to bring extra features to players, allowing them login and live Facebook streaming options.

Blizzard made an official announcement on press page.

“Blizzard Entertainment and Facebook are working together to provide gamers around the world with new ways to connect and share their gaming experiences, while bringing more high-demand entertainment content to Facebook’s global platform.”

During the first month of this partnership, Blizzard is going to introduce a Facebook login for users in all of its PC games. Later on, perhaps the more interesting step of integrating a Go Live option in the games, will be taken. This will allow players to stream their plays onto Facebook directly.

Although Blizzard has previously worked with Facebook before at a corporate level, this new development is part of a larger picture to bring more functionality and social options into the hands of the gamer.

Saad Usmani

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