Blizzard Bans 1,500 Overwatch Players

 Blizzard Bans 1,500 Overwatch Players

Blizzard continues to turn Overwatch into a first person shooter that will climb its way up to the leagues of CS:GO and other games that made it to the big leagues. For now, Overwatch has been subject to small scale tournaments organized by organizations that could not invest a lot of money into the game. These are steps that the title is taking to reach the eSports platform and take the spotlight.

Another step that Blizzard allowed Overwatch to take was the ban hammer brought down on Overwatch players that had evidently been using hacks, cheats and third party software in-game. This was the first strike that the company has taken against cheaters in Overwatch, banning approximately 1,500 accounts all based out of China.

Counter Strike 1.5 and 1.6 have been subject to a lot of hacks and cheats over the ages. And companies against such abuse of a game have come up with various ways to ban these players. Nowadays, SXE Injected is a software that Counter Strike players use to make sure that hackers do not enter a server. On a competitive level, there is much more strictness and scrutiny in terms of who enters a game and who does not, compared to normal online play.

Blizzard has sought to go down to the grassroots and wedge the problem from there. This was a rather massive hammer that was brought down on Overwatch players and most of the community wants the Blizzard to continue vigilance and ban cheating accounts.

Cleansing a competitive game is a good sign for the title itself. It does look like Blizzard will fold Overwatch under its wing until it matures and reaches a larger stage.

Saad Usmani

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