Astralis top in Group Despite Captain’s Absence

 Astralis top in Group Despite Captain’s Absence

Astralis, a Danish organization of eSports, are perched on the highest point of Group C in ELEAGUE with a 4-0 score line, after their first night of rivalry. That is an outcome that ought to have been anything but difficult to foresee, aside from one thing: Astralis were playing without their figurehead, Karrigan.

Three days prior, the captain, Finn Karrigan Anderson was denied his visa to the US, evidently because of his current visit to Iran. This made it seem like the team may have to play the entire series without him. However, Andersen obtained a temporary visa through the US government office in Denmark. In any case, despite everything he would still be unable to make it for Astralis’ first day at ELEAGUE. The question was being raised that who might fill the captains shoes? The answer came as Astralis mentor and Counter-Strike 1.6 veteran Danny Zonic Sørensen. Zonic had an short comeback as a player in CS:GO with his former teammate from the traditional Danish mTw lineup. This reunion was short but left the group with a specific end goal to mentor full-time for Astralis.

In spite of having 700 hours of playtime in CS:GO, Sørensen ended up being a serviceable replacement for Andersen in the matches that were held last night. It can be said that the teams opening series against NRG was a very close issue, it left the audience biting their nails. Be that as it may, the Danes finished off the night with an overwhelming completion in opposition to Counter Logic Gaming, dropping just eight rounds altogether all through the whole series.

An entire contradictory to Astralis, the 0-4NRG were the ones that lost badly, the previous night. Counter Logic Gaming also did not perform up to their mark against SK Gaming and Astralis in the ELEAGUE; they finished the night with a 1-3 record. The one win by the North American program came against the Danes in SK Gaming when the series were tied after being mortified with a 16-3 score line on Nuke.

It is reported that Andersen will make his arrival to the stage today, when Group C of ELEAGUE proceeds at 12:15pm ET.

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