West Ham United Joins Esports

 West Ham United Joins Esports

With more and more organizations placing their stakes on the steadily growing eSports industry, it won’t be long before the gaming culture is credited equal to other industries like traditional sports. In fact, there are a couple of organizations which catered to the traditional sports culture, that are now expanding their horizons to eSports. IMG (International Management Group) is one of such large organizations that made the move to bring their services to professional gamers.

In a rather eventual spree of events, it looks like traditional sports organizations directly involved in a sport are now looking at eSports as a possible wing. Premiere League club, West Ham United has made the move to bring eSports into their home-ground.

Sean ‘Dragonn’ Allen is a professional FIFA player who made it to second place in the 2016 FIFA Interactive World Cup. The talent was signed on to represent West Ham United recently and will now be wearing a number 50 West Ham jersey to participate in tournaments.

The first tournament that Dragonn will play while representing West Ham United, is the Gfinity Play Like a Legend tournament.

After losing to Denmark’s Mohamad Al-Bacha in the Interactive World Cup Finals, West Ham decided to give Dragonn a new motive by signing him up. According to an official statement by the club, it had been keeping a keen eye on the eSports platform for a while and it was finally time to make a move.

West ham United will be the first English club to join the ever growing eSports industry.

Saad Usmani

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