Team Liquid Academy Head Back to the Drawing Board

 Team Liquid Academy Head Back to the Drawing Board

The Spring Split of the North American Challenger Series of 2016 saw Team Liquid Academy sent back home after a few rather disastrous games. It looks like the failure affected the eSports organization as a whole, since it has decided to bring in an almost entirely new roster on board to test out.

Although during the Spring Split, Team Liquid Academy had a number of renowned names on their side, they were able to perform pretty mediocre in their games. The squad managed to get to 4th place in the tournament after being defeated by Apex Gaming 1 for 3, this was during the playoffs.

With the Spring Split coming to an end, quite a lot of squads are making moves to make necessary changes to their rosters. Everyone wants to take advantage of the off-season and grab what they can from the free agent pool which keeps filling up. As such, it makes sense that Team Liquid Academy would want to change things up a little. What we did not expect was the organization would in favor of a total makeover their League of Legends roster.

Team Liquid Academy has signed up 4 new players as a part of package deal. Top laner Collin “Solo” Earnest, support William “Stunt” Chen, and mid laner Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer are going to be joining the ranks of TLA. The final change that the roster will see is in the form of a former LCS player, Galen ‘Moon’ Holgate who will be taking up the Rift’s jungles.

With the new roster almost ready, Team Liquid Academy seems keen on taking up challenger teams like Team Dragon Knights and Cloud9’s challenger team.

Saad Usmani

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