Team Apex Temporarily Bans Jungler

 Team Apex Temporarily Bans Jungler

We’ve heard and witnessed quite a handful of bans and suspensions during tournaments for various reasons ranging from cheating to match fixing. We’ve even seen a lot of squad reshuffling with players being let go and brought in, that’s very common with new splits coming and going. What’s a tad bit surprising and rare is to see an organization suspending one of its own players.

Recently, news broke out that Team Apex had decided to suspend one of its own Junglers. Seo ‘Eve’ Jun-cheol will be suspended for an unknown period of time from Team Apex’s first squad due to what the organization calls “emergency disciplinary actions”.

This is what the official Twitter page of Team Apex had to state about the matter.

“Effective immediately, Apex Jungler @lol__eve has been suspended from the team indefinitely for disciplinary reasons.”

Eve was one of the two Junglers that Team Apex deployed during the North American Challenger Series. He was able to help the team secure a spot at the 2016 North American LCS Summer Split. But now, he will be facing a suspension due to reasons that will not be divulged by Team Apex’s management.

Apex had decided that they will be using a 10 man squad to enter the Summer Split LCS, but it looks like now they are going to be a man down.

Saad Usmani

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