ROCCAT Back in the Game?

 ROCCAT Back in the Game?

In the last Split of the LCS, Team ROCCAT were about to enter the bowels of relegation, but narrowly avoided it. Now it looks like the management at the organization wishes to make the best of the chance they were given. News recently broke out that ROCCAT have signed Steeelback as a part of their recuperation phase as they get back into the game in a big way.

The EU LCS Spring Split of 2016 saw ROCCAT, which is a more than decent eSports organization, at the lower brackets on the boards. They almost got relegated had it not been for a couple of last games.

Steeelback could be the answer to the devastating blow the squad suffered. Formerly belonging to the Unicorns of Love, Pierre ‘Steeelback’ Medjaldi is one of the top AD Carries in the EU region. His KDA ratio comes up to a whopping 6.8, which makes him one of the most valuable players in the European region with a 72% involvement in all kills. Although his former team, Unicorns of Love finished at 5th palce in the Spring Split, Steeelback is a talent that cannot be ignored. It makes perfect sense why ROCCAT would want to sign him up for their roster.

Many fans are confused as to why Steelback would want to move to a squad that was fighting to stay out of the relegation zone in the last split.

In any case, it looks like ROCCAT is looking to get back up on its feet and Steeelback was a major step in the direction.

Saad Usmani

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