MVP Phoenix Takes WePlay 3 Home

 MVP Phoenix Takes WePlay 3 Home

With Evil Geniuses sent packing by Vega Squadron, the latter moved to the finals against MVP Phoenix and most of us thought they would be taking the cup home with them. With the kind of performance Vega Squadron gave during the group stages and against EG, one would expect the streak to go all the way through. But MVP Phoenix proved otherwise with a brilliant performance and a rather deserved victory.

By the end of the fourth game of the final, the WePlay Dota 2 Season 3 tournament was swept by the Korean side.

MVP Phoenix and Vega Squadron had faced off during the group stages as well, with the latter being able to out perform the Korean based squad and making it to the playoffs against Evil Geniuses. After defeating them rather cleanly, Vega moved on to face their rivals again in the finals. Only this time, MVP Phoenix was ready.

The series was a best of 5 with the first two games getting the balance to tilt in MVP Phoenix’s favor. With a combination of more tanky heroes that are harder to gank and a rather well built Slardar, the Korean side crushed Vega Squadron. The second game was literally handed over to Phoenix on a silver platter. Despite the murderous performance of Slardar in the first game, Vega Squadron allowed the hero to be picked during the draft. A mistake which cost them the game by the 20 minute mark.

In the third game, almost as a case of giving someone a taste of their own medicine, Vega Squadron picked Slardar and were able to win the game towards the 33rd minute, although the win was not as clean as MVP Phoenix’s in the first two game. This took matters to the fourth game in the series.

Although Slardar was banned in the fourth game by the Korean side themselves, they were able to use Alchemist to his full potential and defeat Vega Squadron at the 25 minute mark. With 3 games of the series under their belt, MVP Phoenix took the WePlay Dota 2 Season 3 cup home.

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