Mineski to Sue Former Dota 2 Players

 Mineski to Sue Former Dota 2 Players

The eSports industry has grown to the extent that established large organizations have laid their stakes into it without thinking more than twice. Many eSports organizations have been formed with the primary goal of carrying the platform forward with their own squads. As such, these entities have over a period of time, agreed on a certain set of rules and regulations that are binding for any party involved in the industry. Players and squads are signed by organizations on the basis of contracts with binding terms and conditions. Breaching these may lead to legal issues that we may see after the breach of any other legal contract.

Keeping that under consideration, it looks like Mineski, the largest eSports organization of the Philippines is going to take legal action against their own former Dota 2 players.

This was made public by the organization in a Facebook post on their Dota 2 page.

“In a move to further professionalize the Electronic Sports scene in the Philippines, the Mski-Professional Gaming Teams Management headed by RJ has come to a decision to shed light and to file legal cases against the players who have breached their contractual obligations. We are saddened to resort to this option but as the leading professional eSports advocate in the country, we have to make an action to stop these things from happening in the future.”

Little clarification was given as to why Mineski is seeking to go to court. However, we do know that the Dota 2 squad had been going through many roster shuffles constantly. Players would choose to opt out of the line up to join larger squads, old friends in different squads or just quit. This was costing the organization in terms of team chemistry, tournaments and obviously, money.

“The management has always been blamed for the departure of the team’s members but most of the time, it is not the management’s decision but rather, the player’s decision to leave the team. The public do not know what is happening behind-the-scenes nor how the players act in private. We have dealt with a lot of issues like members not playing tournament matches and absence or being late in the team practices due to fights with girlfriends, personal conflicts, and other unacceptable reasons.”

Mineski may as well be holding the integrity of the eSports industry by going through with this, but this will be the first time that an eSports organization will sue its own players. We do not know how this might pan out for the organization with respect to their portrayal on the media.

Saad Usmani

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