Machinima to Launch Esports Consultancy Agency

 Machinima to Launch Esports Consultancy Agency

With the eSports industry exploding in growth and expanding ever more, brands and organizations are struggling to keep up with its standards and community culture. Over the past few months alone, many organizations, groups and even individuals have invested their time and money into the eSports industry, giving it good boost from time to time. The problem with such exponential and sustained growth is that other entities who might want a part of the pie, are going to face quite some barriers and plan with a lack of knowledge.

Machinima is a digital content giant that has a rather good focus on gaming content, news and information. The organization understands the boom that the eSports culture is witnessing right now, and wishes to form a system that will aid further growth smoothly. As such, Machinima has announced that it will be launching a new eSports consultancy agency that help brands become familiar with the workings of the eSports platform.

The agency will be going around by the name of Mach-1. This will not be the first move that Machinima makes to expand into eSports. Only a few days back, they announced the launch of their very own daily eSports show.

Machinima’s CEO, Chad Gutstein had something to say in an interview with Adweek, about the industry and Machinima’s part in it.

There are so many executives that I’ve talked to in the past year that are brand marketers or agency people saying, ‘We really need to be here, but we don’t have the tool set to make that business case yet. This is not just about buying Machinima content or Machinima media—Mach-1 is really about being an insight-based and strategic-based agency.”

Esports is a rapidly growing market that is expected to value at around $900 million in 2016 and rise to more than $1.3 billion in 2019. With such growth, it makes sense that more organizations will want to join the industry. But a smoother transition into the game would be a better idea.

Saad Usmani

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