Indian Esports League Announced

 Indian Esports League Announced

The eSports industry has risen quite drastically over a the past few years, so much so that the phenomenon has gone global in a big way. With most of the eSports activities being carried out in North American and the European regions, Asia and the Oceanic regions have quantitatively less of the industry.

Most of the organizations that were created solely for the purpose of eSports and those that later invested into the industry, are mostly North American or European companies with a keen eye for gaming and its potential. It makes sense that these companies would want to lay their stakes in their own regions.

Comparatively, for the most part, eSports is filled up with talent from North America, Europe, a bit of South America, and then comes Asia and Oceania. However, eSports has a global agenda and this was proven a while back by ESL when it announced that it will be creating an Indian Premiership for CS:GO.

India, as a nation has been steadily growing as a CS:GO hub but for some reason, there have been little opportunities for players from that region to get onto the eSports platform. ESL wishes to alter that and bring more tournaments and leagues to India in order to expose the players there to more competition. An approximate $64,000 prize pool will be divided among games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Just Dance. The scale of the tournaments will probably be small considering the prize pool, but it is a step nonetheless.

ESL Managing Director Ralf Reichert made a statement for the organization.

“ESL mission is to increase the popularity of esports across the globe. We are excited to help building up the esports community in India with Nodwin. The country’s diverse communities, along with the fact that India embraces technology like no other place, makes it a perfect candidate. We are very excited to get started with the ESL India Premiership, and I personally can’t wait to experience it live, as I’m sure the crowd will be fantastic. In the meantime, we will ensure that we can deliver a world-class experience – both online and offline – to the local and international fans, and hope this tournament series helps foster growth in the region.”

The Indian Premiership league will be a progressive one where players will move through Starter, Challenger, and Master tiers.

Saad Usmani

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