Fnatic Shuffles Around With Dota Roster

 Fnatic Shuffles Around With Dota Roster

Right after the Shanghai Major, Fnatic had to look for a temporary substitute for Djardel ‘DJ’ Mampusti’s spot while he took care of Visa issues that he had been facing. Erwaan ‘343’ Shah was brought in to fill in his spot for a while. However, 343 had to stick with Fnatic for longer than was originally planned since DJ was taking longer to fix his Visa issues and as Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung was suffering from severe asthmatic attacks after the Shanghai.

Now that DJ has finally fixed up the problems and has returned after a period of almost 2 months, he will be bringing in quite a few changes to the Dota 2 roster with his return.

After DJ came back, quite a few role swaps were being done as well, so that players would be able to play their best roles. Fnatic realized that the shuffling around had worked out well for them after they were able qualify for every LAN tournament ahead of the Manila Major. This lead to the management awarding 343 a permanent substitute role during the Spring Shuffle.

With Mushi ready to come back, Fnatic are stuck in a pickle with only 2 days left for the Epicenter Wild Card Competition. They must decide quickly as to who will be stepping down from the roster so that it may be locked in.

Fnatic made an official statement on their website.

“343 really embraced the challenge and-over performed in almost every aspect. This was a great development for the team however there was an obvious problem being created by having 6 very talented played in a 5 man squad. With Mushi now ready to return to the team, we had to make an extremely difficult choice about who to have in our starting line up.”

So the decision was made in favor of 343, while Net was asked to move to the substitute role. Net immediately left the squad and will consequently miss the Manila Major and might miss the International 6 if he does not find a team before it begins.

Fnatic’s Dota 2 manager, Eric ‘Reinnnn’ Khor joined in on the statement.

“It is with a very heavy heart that we have to announce the departure of Net from our team. Through his time in Fnatic, I have gotten to know him a lot better and also the dedication that he put into the game. Generally a quiet person, it was a refreshing change to see Net going from the introvert that he is into the guy who cracks the joke. It really felt like a family here but we knew the inevitable was coming and someone had to be subbed out […] Here, I want to thank Net for all the joyous times and all his hard work. I wish him all the best for his future.”

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