Esports Training Program By IMG

 Esports Training Program By IMG

The usual eSports participant today, has become part of an industry that has reached a stage where global organizations respect its existence. As such, there is a quite a lot of hype and growth in both the eSports industry, as well as culture and community.

When eSports was not a thing and a bunch of gamers would be playing against one another, the activity would almost usually be termed as competitive gaming. The gamer or player who spent hours on end in front of a computer or television screen, raging on buttons and joysticks, was frowned upon. Now that the competitive gaming scene has been appreciated at a global level, eSports is the name that has been given to the platform. In turn, the platform has shined a tremendous amount of light on to gamers that are now known as eSports athletes, and sometimes just athletes, comparing their specialization to that of sporting athletes.

Traditional sports have existed for longer than eSports, so it makes sense that larger organizations, groups and individuals would want to place their stakes in that industry. IMG (International Management Group), is a global standard in providing training facilities for athletes, hosting events and managing individual athletes.

Recently, IMG decided to expand their horizons and bless eSports with training program and academy for eSports athletes. They have already taken in their first enrollment in the form of Complexity Gaming’s Call of Duty squad.

Tobias Sherman, head of eSports at WME IMG had something to say about Complexity joining the front and the institute as a whole.

“We are excited to welcome compLexity to IMG Academy to train both mentally and physically,” says Tobias Sherman, head of esports at WME | IMG. “As the sports industry continues to recognize the parallels between esports and mainstream athletes, IMG Academy was a natural fit to provide facilities and coaching that will enhance the training of esports franchises moving forward.”

This is a rather heavy step for the eSports industry with dedicated broadcasts and organizations already popping up.

Saad Usmani

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