Esports to Receive Dedicated Daily Show

 Esports to Receive Dedicated Daily Show

The eSports industry has grown to rather great extent over the past few years. However, the past 6 months have shown an accelerated amount of growth in the culture and industry as a whole. We have witnessed numerous leagues and tournament, but that is quite common now. These happen annually, even monthly. What’s really got the eSports community going, is the interest that large organizations both part and impartial to the industry, groups and individuals, have shown.

Recently for example, Chinese multinational company, Ali Baba announced that they will be investing a few million dollars into the eSports industry to revive the WCG (World Cyber Gaming). The likes of Shaquille O’Neal have shown their interest in becoming a part of the culture by purchasing teams. IMG announced their training program directed towards the eSports athlete. These developments are bigger than they seem.

With digital and broadcast media on the rise, it makes sense for eSports to have more potential in that sector. As such, a couple days back, Machinima announced the launch of their own daily show for eSports. The show is supposed to air soon and will come up with daily news, highlights, updates, events, and more from five major eSports genres, FPS, MOBAs, RTS, FGC, and FIFA.

The show will be hosted by two individuals from the eSports community itself. Alex ‘Axeltoss’ Rodriguez is a well-known name in the StarCraft 2 community. He was also part of ROOT Gaming’s squad. Paola ‘PancakePow’ Alejandra has her own gaming podcast and host attended and hosted events such as E3, BlizzCon and more.

The show is not going to be a live broadcast, nor will there be a set amount of duration for the show. Since Machinima already streams and hosts gaming events, news and more, the show will be squeezed in between their own broadcasts.

Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein made a statement regarding the show.

“There will probably be more content coming in and out of the weekends than on other days. Like any new daily franchise things will be evolving. What you see next week will be different from what you see a couple of months from now. We’ll see what works and what the audience wants.”

The show might be going around by the name of INSIDE eSPORTS, let’s wait and see how this new show pans out.

Saad Usmani

Journalism to film making to digital marketing to game design and development