Cloud9 Removes Massan From Roster

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

North American based eSports organization, Cloud9 recently made a public announcement for the removal of Harry ‘Massan’ Cheong from their Hearthstone roster.

“Today we announce the removal of Harry “MaSsan” Cheong from the Cloud9 Hearthstone roster. Through the remainder of 2016, MaSsan will no longer represent Cloud9, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Now that the American Hearthstone players and Twitch streamer has been removed from his position in Cloud9’s Hearthstone roster, he will have to let the blue shirt go and look for something else. While the official statement made by Cloud9 failed to mention specifics as to why Massan is being removed, we may turn to the player’s recent gaming and streaming history for answers.

As a Twitch streamer, Massan had been part of a controversy where he was allegedly utilizing viewbots to increase his views counter on the platform. This for obvious reasons, is banned. However, Twitch itself had made no comments on the controversy themselves.

Masssan’s account was suspended once in March for posting non-gaming content. This suspension was quickly lifted the next. The second time that his stream was suspended was just last week, allegedly for turning off Past Broadcasts feature on the platform.

Massan made a few Tweets regarding the bans.

“I’m temporary suspended on twitch. This possibly is because misunderstanding, or wrongly announced rules. I will keep you updated.”

“Turning off past broadcast likely caused this, they think it was done in response to last warning, but I’ve had it off for long time before.”

When the second suspension was placed, Cloud9 on the very same day, removed Massan from Hearthstone roster on their official page.

Massan let it be known that the decision was mutual and there was no particular reason as to why he was being removed from the roster, but only that his contract with Cloud9 was coming to an end and he was being unable to fulfill requirements for renewal.