Cloud9 Brings DDaHyoNi To Hearthstone Roster

 Cloud9 Brings DDaHyoNi To Hearthstone Roster

Cloud9 is one of the more popular names on the eSports platform. The organization has shown to carry talent in almost all titles that our currently being played on a competitive level. Blizzard’s card based game, Hearthstone, is one of the games that Cloud9 has revealed to show a keen interest in. As such, the organization recently announced on their Twitter that Sanghyeon “DDaHyoNi” Baek will be joining their Hearthstone roster.

“We’ve added @DDaHyoNi to the #C9HS team!”

Based out of South Korea, Baek was able to grab first place at the 2016 HCT Asia Pacific Winter Championship in March. The grand finals of the tournament saw him beat SunBi’s Il-mook ‘handsomeguy’ Kang with a three to two score.

According to Cloud9, Baek holds a massive amount of experience, having participated in almost every event out of Korea. It makes sense that the organization would want to sign a player into their roster who has battled it out against a variety of players.

After the HCT Championship, Baek stated that it would be a dream come true for him to be able to play alongside some of his idols in Hearthstone. “Firebat” Kostesich, Aleksandr “Kolento” Malsh, Jan “Ek0p” Palys and Cong “StrifeCro” Shu, are all part of Cloud9’s Hearthstone squad.

“I chose C9 because many of my favorite pro players are a part of C9, and I wanted to become a part of the high caliber team,” DDaHyoNi said on the team’s official page. “Moreover, I believe C9 will provide me with the best chance to let the world see what Korean Hearthstone is all about, as well as give me the best environment to effectively showcase my skills. Please continue to root for me, and I promise to show you an even better form as a part of C9!”

Cloud9’s General Manager also seemed enthusiastic about bringing Baek in.

“After walking away as champion of the HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Championship, he reciprocated our interest and was excited at the prospect of joining our Hearthstone roster,” Flander said. “We too are excited to invite another quality player to our Hearthstone lineup.”

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