ZOWIE Open Team List Announced

 ZOWIE Open Team List Announced

We recently got news of yet another Open tournament for CS:GO. DreamHack’s ZOWIE Open in Austin was announced a few days back and now, official invites have been sent out to the selected teams to participate in the tournament.

All set to launch in early May, DreamHack finalized a total of 8 teams for the ZOWIE Open. Evidently, the tournament is going to be an all-american league with teams coming in from North American and South America. There were no restrictions as to where the teams come in from. However, there are multitudes of CS:GO events and leagues coming up that teams from Europe and Asia are already attending, therefor, no squad out of North and South America would be able to make it.

As such, DreamHack has had to dig pretty deep to bring out the top teams from the two regions so as to keep the tournament alive and entertaining.

The 8 teams that were invited to the ZOWIE Open are Luminosity Gaming, Tempo Storm, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid, Cloud9, Selfless, Splyce, and NRG. Luminosity and Tempo storm are the two squads representing Brazil in the tournament, while the rest hail from the US.

With the likes of Luminosty, Cloud9, Counter Logic, and Team Liquid participating in the tournament, it is likely set to be an exciting one. All 8 teams will be going head to head for a $100,000 prize pool.

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