Zende Signed by Torpedo

 Zende Signed by Torpedo

Quite a lot of reshuffling going on among the CS:GO squads this season. We have heard about a single or a couple of shifts in a team, all the way to entire line ups being dropped and formed from scratch. It’s not exactly surprising. Global tournaments do that to teams. You figure out who has to go and who has to come in. Esports is evolving in a highly competitive way and every team out there is trying to grab every opportunity they can.

Recently, Torpedo felt that they had to take a shot and grabbed zende, a pretty decent player. Eric ‘zende’ Sundeqvist was signed shortly after his previous squad got dissolved entirely.

Torpedo Gaming, had been going for a while with one man short of a complete roster. The eSports organization has its eyes set on numerous tournaments and leagues about to kick off and they know they need a team of 5. Since zende was roaming about organization-less as well, it seemed fit that he would sign the papers with Torpedo. Especially with a couple of big leagues about to come up.

Torpedo took the time to test the player out before they gave him the empty spot. Zende had been noticed to replace Mattias ‘malle’ Lindberg in a few recent matches. The Swedish CS:GO player has had his fingers dipped in quite a few cups and well-known teams like FlipSid3 Tactics, Team Property, and Copenhagen Wolves. We think he will be able to pull the job to replace Mattias.

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