Yet More Overwatch Lore Content

 Yet More Overwatch Lore Content

It seems like Blizzard intends to throw an amount of extra content and lore at Overwatch fans, to rival the detailing we once saw in Skyrim. Well, maybe the first person shooter has not matured enough to reach that standard of lore, but Blizzard is pretty keen on pushing new forms of media to promote the game and keep fans engaged.

Recently, we saw a couple of Overwatch shorts going by the names of Recall and Alive. Today Blizzard released a short comic script by the name of train hopper.

Quite some talent up at Blizzard when it comes to art. Take a look at the skins on characters from Heroes of the Storm and you will have some idea. The organization prefers to utilize the apparent forte to larger extents, and what better game to do it than their own first person shooter. We have a feeling constant content and lore might help give Overwatch a push up the eSports platform that it deserves.

The title, train hopper speaks a lot for itself. The images point towards the obvious fact that the whole script will have something to do with McCree. The comic short has been made available by Blizzard in a number of languages like Spanish, German, French and a couple more.

Perhaps by releasing good content with proper storylines and links to the actual game, Blizzard could take Overwatch to the next level.

Saad Usmani

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