Winterfox Let desi Go

 Winterfox Let desi Go

It isn’t new or surprising to hear that a squad has let go of a member and is now looking for someone to fill the spot, or has already filled that spot with a new player. With CS:GO being a part of the eSports platform, we have seen teams get completely dissolved and brought up from scratch; shuffles are more than common among squads.

Recently, Winterfox has announced that the organization would be parting ways with Derek ‘desi’ Branchen and bringing in Warren ‘hades’ Rettich in his place.

Warren has had quite some experience playing games alongside current Winterfox members and it makes sense that they would want to bring him in. According to the organization, the team has had a couple of discussions with the Derek and the two parties have come to a mutual decision.

In light of recently played bad games, and a lack of consistency on Derek’s part, the former in-game captain of Winterfox will be a free agent as soon as Warren is brought in officially. Warren will be taking up the role of in-game captain since he will be arriving at the team house soon.

Winterfox made an official statement about the move on their Facebook page.

“We will be releasing Derek “desi” Branchen from the starting lineup of Winterfox CS:GO, as of today. Having played with Derek for several months now, the team has come to know him as a strong mechanical player that is exceptionally passionate. No one on the team doubts his fragging ability or dedication to and passion for the game. However, despite the best efforts by the rest of the starting lineup and Derek himself, we simply haven’t been able to create a strong chemistry within the team.

After discussion between Derek and the rest of the team, both parties have decided that alternate paths will benefit each group equally. Any teams interested in Derek should contact him on Twitter or Steam.”

Saad Usmani

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