Whispers Receives Another Card

 Whispers Receives Another Card

Whispers of the Old Gods has been receiving a tremendous amount of cards since the day it started. For the most part, the reveals have brought in a handful of Old Gods with a bunch of support and minion cards tagging along. The most recent reveal for the Whispers has brought something slightly different. Whispers of the Old Gods gets a new card called Call of the Wind.

The news was brought by a Chinese stream, releasing the latest peek into Whispers of the Old Gods. Huffer is one of the Animal Companions that is better known to attack with his companions. As such, the reveal showed Huffer, along with Misha and Leokk by his side. The newly revealed card is going to be an 8 mana spell that brings all three Animal Companions on to the platform.

Call of the Wind seems like a rather overpowered spell. The 8 mana card will bring a 2/4 initially, giving a plus one buff to the player’s minion’s attack stat. In addition to that, there will be a 5/2 with Charge and a 5/4 with Taunt. This totals the stats at 12/10, with a subtle 5 score damage that can be utilized on the get go.

8 mana is a pretty small value for the stats that Call of the Wind brings to the table. As such, it looks like Blizzard is bent upon bringing Control Hunter on the stage. Since the Companions are all beasts, the card will bring a beast synergy that will trigger spells and minions consistently.

The stream did not give details about the spawn order for the beasts, which is actually pretty important to figure out minion placement and spell triggering. In any case, the card has quite the punch. Let’s see what effects it brings once it is properly released.

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