WePlay Season 3, Day One

 WePlay Season 3, Day One

Although recent news stated that Natus Vincere had dissolved its entire Heroes of the Storm squad, the organization continues to perform on the Dota 2 front. Their CS:GO squad may have suffered with GuardiaN’s injury, leading to low performances and lack of chemistry. In fact, Na’Vi came back with quite the bang in Dota 2, rising up to defeat almost every big name in the scene.

Continuing their rampage, Na’Vi has gone undefeated in the WePlay Season 3 group stage in Kiev, Ukraine.

Their first game was a rather grueling one against underdogs Elite Wolves based out of Peru. They pushed the game to over 55 minutes with constant team fights being exchanged. However, Na’Vi were able to tilt the balance in their favor later during the game to grab the win. Despite the loss, Elite Wolves were able to destroy Team Spirit and defeat Team Empire in the final games of their group stage. Now, they will be facing Vega Squadron in the upper bracket of the tournament.

Group B saw Vega Squadron quickly defeat MVP Phoenix and Evil Geniuses and move on to the playoffs. EG’s squad had gone through major changes and reshuffling, due to this they were a big attraction in their group and fans were expecting a good performance. However, they suffered two losses out of which one was at the hands of the South Korean based team MVP Phoenix. The win secured their spot at the upper bracket and a game against Na’Vi.

Na’Vi and Vega Squadron are quite obviously dominating their respective groups. With the playoffs short at hand, we will get to find out which of the two are more worthy of the WePlay cup.

Saad Usmani

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