WCA Main Tournament About to Kick Off

 WCA Main Tournament About to Kick Off

Recently, StarCraft’s World Cyber Arena got done with its qualifiers and now, the Main Online Tournament is going to kick off pretty soon.

World Cyber Arena is not just another league with mediocre popularity in the eSports scene. The entity is one of the largest eSports tournaments hosting organizations for all the big titles of the gaming industry. Hearthstone, Dota 2, StarCraft 2, CS:GO, World of War Craft and many other games have enjoyed a handful of leagues under World Cyber Arena.

Now that the qualifiers have been wrapped up, they are ready to move forward into the Main Online Tournament.

For the StarCraft scene the applications had been opened for all professional players coming out of Asia, only excluding China. They began on the 1st of April and ended on the 7th. For China, the group stages are done with and the top players from each group will be meeting in the playoffs. The semifinals will see iAsonu go against Cyan and XiGua will go against TooDming.

Coming back to the rest of Asia, the playoffs will start today (14th April). All the matches are going to take place on the same day. This means that the quarter final results will come out today.

The prize pool for the tournament goes up to $15,330.

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