Warcraft Movie to get Teaser at Epicenter

 Warcraft Movie to get Teaser at Epicenter

Universal studios have decided to bring a decent surprise to the fans at Epicenter. The Warcraft movie in the making is going to receive somewhat of a teaser at the Moscow, Crocus City Hall event.

Recently, news broke out that Universal Studios and Legendary partnered with Epicenter, the LAN Dota 2 event. It has come to pass that the organizations will set up the stage for the Warcraft movie Director to show up and release exclusive footage of the movie itself. They are pretty sure that the fans will be appreciative of the gesture. About time too, the movie has been in the making for a while now.

World of Warcraft is a Blizzard Entertainment game that was created 10 years ago. To this date, it is probably the most played MOBA and will continue to reign over all others. Tournaments and leagues for this game have ranged from regional, small scale ones to massive, global leagues worth millions of dollars. It is another world altogether that fans get lost in. It makes sense that a movie be made of that world.

Film Director Duncan Jones and another special guest will be present to release the footage. Along with the Dota 2 games, fans will get to appreciate a special Warcraft event that will have the guests narrate the story of making the Warcraft movie.

The making of the movie was first announced by Blizzard and Legendary Pictures in 2006 but work began on the script in 2008. After a few switch ups in the crew, as well as in Direction, 2013 finally saw Duncan Jones being signed to Direct the movie. The movie has been in production ever since.

With 2016 underway, we are getting the first footage of the Warcraft movie, with the actual premiere dated to 10th of June, 2016.

Saad Usmani

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