VirtusPro Sign Two New Players

 VirtusPro Sign Two New Players

With more Hearthstone tournaments and leagues coming up, eSports organizations are getting their respective players all geared up to win. VirtusPro did not want to lose out on the glamor and decided to sign a couple of players to fill their Hearthstone spots up. The Russian based organization has been successful in signing the both grand finalists from the most recent HCT Europe Winter World Championship.

According to recent Tweets and rumors on the internet, it has come to attention that Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov and Artem “DrHippi” Kravets will be joining VirtusPro to form their Hearthstone division.

Both mentioned players have shown great progress and development over the past few months. Naiman came back from hiding and took a title home. They are both players to watch this season and their success will be pretty noticeable.

A little while back DrHippi added the tag ‘VP’ to his Twitter handle. This was pretty strong indication of a move or at least talks with VirtusPro.

For Naiman, the indication from a Twitter update that suggested something that seemed like a move.

“The first teamkill in our new team… gl to @DrHippi_VP further in the tournament :)”

Although the official announcement is yet to come, we are almost sure that both players will be moving to VirtusPro to form the new Hearthstone division for them and compete in upcoming tournaments.

Saad Usmani

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